Packrat Promo Code and Lowes . Save 10% on Portable Storage

PackRat Promo Codes and Exclusive Discounts from Lowes
Save on On-site Storage

Best Portable Storage deal Summer 2015

Get $50 Off ABF UPack with promo code “MOVEHC”

 Visit Lowe’s In-Person or Online and Save 10% on Storage or Moving!

1-800-PACK-RAT continues to celebrate offering our units at select Lowe’s locations.
You can visit your local Lowe’s store or go online to view the containers, enjoying an up close and personal view of what makes our containers the best in the industry.
After you visit, grab the LOWES10 special code and you and your friends/family can enjoy a cool 10% off. Conditions and restrictions apply, so check out the site for more information.

When you call our toll free number 1-877-729-8344 Use Promo Code: V0048P1

Click here for moving help discounts

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